Dynamic Media

Not your ordinary image optimization

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Powering Visual Experiences

Dynamic Media allows you to create hundreds of variants from a single master asset – with auto-cropping and scaling for mobile screens. It transcodes image and video, manages metadata and allows you to use everything from lifestyle shots to shoppable video to turn inspiration into purchases.

In a Nutshell

  • Headless image and video content management

  • Generate image variants on demand

  • Transcode video to display on all devices

  • Text-to-image and monogramming via SVG

  • Mobile optimized product media viewers

  • Personalize with image roundels

  • Make 360° and 720° spin sets

Better for Business

Automate the time-consuming stuff and let your teams focus on creating visual experiences that inspire and convert on every channel.

Better for Tech

Hundreds of transformations help bring the power of headless to media. Get metadata like focal point and automatically crop to the right aspect ratio. Summon only the pixels you need, in the fastest format, browser-perfect every time.

Better for Content

With automated media set creations, the studio-to-site process is streamlined from start to finish, giving you complete control of your media. No more messing about with formats, dimensions and pixel density – it’s all done for you.

Video That Tells a Story

Whether it’s a catwalk video on the product page or shoppable videos, it’s easy to make sure your video is delivered fast, in the right format and wrapped with metadata, wherever it shows up.

Not All Images Are Created Equal

Work with programmable images that are parameterized in any dimension you like. For email, banners or part of a product configurator – you get to choose.

Elevate the Shopping Experience

Every Amplience image is an API, complete with metadata, that’s built to inspire and convert right there in the image. Create hotspots, image maps, roomsets, lookbooks, product features and more.

Easily Endless Variants

No more manually creating endless variants. With our AI focal point detection, auto cropping, scaling and aspect ratio adjustment your images are automatically optimized for any browser or application.

Spin It, Win It

Our spin sets and spin viewers will show-off the key details in even the most complex products – with zoom, rotation and all the angles your customer needs to be convinced.

Bye-Bye Bad Shopping Experiences

Join the 400+ global brands we help to win