Go Composable with Amplience and 64labs

We are the most experienced duo in the market and have the most customers live on Salesforce Commerce Cloud Composable Storefront with real ROI and results. To learn more or set up a meeting, contact us below.

Why Amplience & 64labs?

Amplience, winner of the 2022 Salesforce Commerce Cloud partner award for Best Headless Implementation, offers proven experience management for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. With 80+ joint customers worldwide and the most headless Salesforce customers, Amplience fills the gap left by Composable Storefront. Its solution empowers business users with visibility, control, and faster changes without developer dependency. 

If you’re looking for the most experienced headless content and experience platform, Amplience is your go-to partner.

64labs, a front-end specialist agency founded in 2013, is leading the composable pack. Since 2018, 64labs has worked alongside Mobify on the PWA Kit. In fact, after Mobify was acquired by Salesforce, 64labs was asked to help build the Composable Storefront. This gave 64labs the advantage when creating their own accelerator. This has allowed 64labs to expedite composable site launches in just 6 months. 64labs was the first - in the world - to launch full end-to-end sites in both 2022 and 2023.

If you’re looking to go composable, 64labs is the team.

In our joint experience, Composable Storefront delivers faster storefront performance but only when coupled with content and experience management. We have found that tools like Page Designer and Business Manager were not designed to work in a headless environment with a decoupled front-end. This leaves business users with a massive gap and reduced site performance. Composable Storefront inherently offers little visibility or control around the experience and changes take longer as they often require a developer. Amplience was built to solve exactly this. The 64labs accelerator is built to execute with this in mind.

6 reasons why retailers like you are going composable?

1. Performance

Composable Storefronts’ modern architecture results in faster and more responsive page load times

2.Increase revenue and engagement

With increased site speed and reduced friction, composable storefront with headless CMS helps to significantly reduce bounce rates, increase page views, and increase overall conversion

3. Future-proof

The headless approach to your Salesforce solution through Composable storefront enables your business to adapt over time by incorporating new technologies as requirements change.

4.Increased productivity & control

Enable your marketing team and development teams to work smarter, not harder. Stay in control while giving your developers time to work on other areas of the stack.

5.Reduced time-to-market

Contrary to mixed messages in the market, using a team like 64labs helps you reduce your time-to-market significantly

6.Recruit & Retain

By leveraging a React-based Composable Storefront and API-first products such as Amplience, retailers and brands will find themselves able to hire from a much larger pool of talented developers, making recruitment easier and potentially cheaper than proprietary SiteGenesis and SFRA developers.

Success Stories

Take a look at some of our most recent work together


  1. Needed a fixable architecture that could be easily evolved and updated

  2. Wanted to get to market as quickly as possible

  3. Customers want an easy and fast online experience


Duluth Trading implemented a new storefront experience and headless architecture in 5 months with the Composable Storefront Implemented by 64labs.

The headless architecture allowed Duluth Trading to bring in new best-of-breed components like a CMS


Page load times are now 1 second faster


  1. Every content update was a laborious, manual task with the same updates having to be made across multiple areas of the site.

  2. Landing and content pages took far too much developer time and could take weeks to turn around.

  3. Coding processes were messy and open to human error, with simple errors breaking entire templates.

  4. Minimal development resource was available to optimize the site.


In collaboration, 64labs & Tryzens launched Sweaty Betty US on composable Storefront in just 4 short months and weeks before holiday 2022. They also integrated Amplience’s visual merchandising tool, Dynamic Media, enabling rich, optimized and engaging product imagery and videos that enhanced online product display


Sweaty Betty realized ROI in the first two months! They can now test and iterate at speed, use data to drive personalized experiences, and make more changes with lower risk


  1. Slow speed and content visualization

  2. Pressure to launch new and improved website quickly

  3. Needed to easily publish localized content across regions and have support unique assets by each break point


Amplience was able to migrate several thousand videos to Amplience platform while 64labs delivered a rendering solution to meet Accessibility requirements.


Up to 45% user journey improvement and described headless CMS as a game changer. They were able to successfully launch all locales within a 12 hour window.

About Us:

Amplience is a headless content and experience platform for forward thinking brands and retailers. We empower merchants, marketers and developers around the blog to create relevant multi-channel experiences faster from the most visual CMS and DAM platform on the market today. Over 400 of the world’s leading brands including Ulta Beauty, Crate and Barrel and Gap rely on Amplience to create differentiated experiences that drive deeper, more valuable customer relationships and revenue.

To learn more, visit www.amplience.com

:64labs is the world’s leading implementer of headless front-ends. We are a boutique company of expert engineers in front-end development and user experience.  In both 2022 and 2023, 64labs launched the first Composable Storefront sites on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 64labs is the most experienced implementer of headless CMS and Search projects and are core partners for both Amplience and Algolia in Salesforce Commerce Cloud builds with multiple successful execution with both.

To learn more, visit www.64labs.com