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Sweaty Betty has been shaking up the activewear market for over 20 years, empowering women through fitness and beyond. With a reputation for delivering engaging in-store customer experiences, Sweaty Betty turned to Amplience to help mirror those immersive experiences online.


Amplience have been a part of the Sweaty Betty journey since 2012, but the market has changed drastically since then. Mobile has transformed eCommerce, and customer expectations are changing constantly. Naturally, Sweaty Betty wanted to re-evaluate the experience.Their goals:
  • Replicate their engaging offline experiences online
  • Be in a position to quickly react to the changing demands of the market
  • To make their content production process and workflows as efficient as possible


As well as internal efficiencies in relation to their content creation, Sweaty Betty realized triple digit digital growth in 2020. Not too bad at all.With Amplience, Sweaty Betty can collaborate, delegate, and train others more effectively, helping to spread out responsibilities but also empower each team member to deliver on content and commerce campaigns that drive meaningful results.

How Amplience Made the Difference

In a bid to scale their digital footprint and create more seamless integrations and efficiencies in their technology stack, Sweaty Betty implemented a combination of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) and Amplience’s Dynamic Content (in addition to Dynamic Media), two solutions that seamlessly integrate together.The Amplience Customer Success team spent a lot of time with the Sweaty Betty eCommerce team, analyzing their process and workflows. The team worked hard on aligning content strategy with the production process, understanding what was needed for the team to gain more freedom. One thing that was clear was the need for business users to be able to create and manage content and the customer experience, without developer intervention.
Amplience gives us access to new tools which help us improve our productivity and creativity.
- Pippa Wingate, Sweaty Betty

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