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Mobile Ready Hero Images

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“Pack shots fail to communicate critical information to shoppers, particularly on mobile devices. Mobile Ready Hero Images solve this problem by digitally representing the product and augmenting with off-pack communications. Mobile Ready Hero Images outperform pack shots in visual clarity tests and sales uplift A/B split tests.”

University of Cambridge Inclusive Design Group

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The Amplience Dynamic Media Solution

Amplience Dynamic Media solves the production challenge around introducing Mobile Ready Hero Images, helping grocery retailers in particular meet new industry-recognized standards, and delivering hugely improved shopping experiences to customers.

Key Features

  • Use existing master product images as-is, without post-production
  • Support for all eight MRHI image standards ‘out-of-the-box’
  • Dynamically generate device optimized MRHI images
  • Store MRHI label information in metadata for complete automation
  • Use Point-of-Interest metadata to auto-crop the product shot
  • Support for collaborative workflows and asset internationalization
  • Seamless integration with PIM/Product Catalogue

The Amplience Dynamic Media solution solves complex production challenges by automating the creation of product images with the required crop, zoom, brand color, category label and pack size information required to create effective MRHI compliant images. Ecommerce APIs, can feed the Amplience Dynamic Media solution which includes imaging templates, Point of Interest (PoI) metadata, and image metadata (such as brand and pack size information) from which thumbnail, medium, large and zoom, images can be created from a single master asset, elimination the post-production challenge.

The Amplience Dynamic Media solution includes server based image compositing (sometimes called ‘Roundling’/’Badging’). ‘Transformation Templates’ can be easily created using these templates to encode the design logic to allow the use of parameters to control and manipulate the various layers of the design, including text content, typeface, sizing, positioning and color.

Examples of Mobile Ready Hero Images using Amplience Dynamic Media:

Visit the Interactive Playground to see Amplience Dynamic Media in action:

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