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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge for Dynamic Media ​

Integration Type: Standard IntegrationDeveloped: Amplience

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge for Dynamic Media simplifies the integration between Amplience and Salesforce. This cartridge allows Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront to support rich media such as videos and spin sets. With this cartridge you can also request media for a product and the Amplience platform will return the correct media. If the media does not exist, then a fallback image will be returned.

This cartridge also delivers a report to users generated by the cartridge that helps the recipient find all the products and product variations that do not have available media.​

A merchandiser or marketer can easily upload new product media to a specified location on Amplience’s FTP server for automatic ingestion into Content Hub. The rest of the process is automated by the cartridge and the associated scripts and jobs.


  • Simplifies the integration with Salesforce and Amplience Dynamic Media

  • Brings Amplience Dynamic Media images into Salesforce through simple requests in Salesforce Commerce Cloud


  • Available to all Amplience Dynamic Media customers​

  • Requires Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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