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SAP Commerce Cloud Integration for Dynamic Content

Integration Type: Standard IntegrationDeveloped: neteleven

The SAP Commerce Cloud Integration for Dynamic Content is a back-end integration and accelerator, orchestrated through the use of webhooks. This integration imports the content from Amplience slots into SAP CX.

This integration imports complete slots and no distinction is made between individual content items. It is possible to use stand-alone slots or the editions offered by Amplience, which allow events or campaigns to be scheduled.

The content can already be completely pre-rendered by Amplience with the help of the Content Rendering Service . This pre-rendered markup is saved in SAP CX in addition to the JSON.

The data model used has almost no dependencies on existing data models and can therefore be used in almost every system without any problems meaning that updates are not a problem.

A lean accelerator add-on is part of the source code to demonstrate JSP integration but is only intended as an example. The generic structure allows Amplience to be used in many ways - for example, using the ID of a slot known in SAP CX, the content can be accessed live at any time with a javascript front end.


  • Focused on enriching existing pages such as product and category pages, rather than creating entirely new pages

  • Ability to schedule content deployments and go lives via campaigns and editions

  • Can be rapidly implemented due to few dependencies

  • Integration into the Accelerator and Spartacus is possible


  • Available to all Amplience Dynamic Content customers​

  • Requires SAP Commerce Cloud

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