Personify XP
Built by Amplience
Integrates with:
  • Personify XP
  • Amplience
  • Open Source

Personify XP (Sample Front-End Code)

Integration Type: Starter KitsDeveloped: Amplience

Personify XP is an anonymous personalization and analytics engine that enables you to predict visitor goals and display the most relevant content. ​

The Personify XP Sample Front-End starter kit is an example of content decisioning for a targeted content item using the Personify XP extension. The Personify XP extension integrates with the Personify XP API and can be configured to allow content to be categorized by behaviors or tags and display a content relevance score. This helps you make more informed decisions around what content to create and which groups to target that content to.​

This extension can be configured to work with different accounts. ​


  • Content decisioning for a Hero Banner Block using the Targeted Content schema documented in the extension

  • Tracking example for an action when clicking on the Call To Action button for a Hero Banner Block“


  • Available to all Amplience Dynamic Content customers​

  • Requires Personify XP

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