Personify XP
Built by Amplience
Integrates with:
  • Personify XP
  • Open Source

Personify XP

Integration Type: Content FieldDeveloped: Amplience

Personify XP is an anonymous personalization and analytics engine that enables you to predict visitor goals and display the most relevant content. ​

The Personify XP extension integrates with the Personify XP API and can be configured to allow content to be categorized by behaviors or tags and display a content relevance score. ​

This starter kit helps you make more informed decisions around what content to create and which groups to target that content to.​


  • Classify content with Personify XP behaviors or tags

  • View an overall ’Content relevance’ score to see what percentage of your website’s audience the content is relevant to

  • View suggestions on how to make content relevant to a wider section of your audience

  • View relevance scores for selected behaviors and tags


  • Available to all Amplience Dynamic Content customers​

  • Requires Personify XP ​

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