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Dynamic Content CLI

Integration Type: AutomationDeveloped: Amplience

The Dynamic Content CLI is the command line interface for Amplience Dynamic Content service.It provides an easy interface for performing complex operations on a Dynamic Content hub.The CLI tool can be used to perform bulk operations on a Dynamic Content hub, manual or automated. These include cloning content from one hub to another, cleaning out unused content in bulk, importing custom generated content and much more.You can find out more about the CLI tool’s capabilities by reading our documentation on both the developer portal and within the project itself.


  •  Manage and switch between many sets of hub credentials and configuration to manage multiple hubs
  •  Detailed logs for troubleshooting, with the capability to revert many actions such as content item import
  •  Common actions: Import/Export/Archive/Unarchive/List
  •  Content Type Schema: Common actions
  •  Content Type: Common actions, sync schema
  •  Content Item: Common actions, Copy, Move, Publish, print dependency tree for structural inspection. Commands support many options to assist import automation. Saves a mapping to support updating content items after import. Can rewrite media links within content to reference content in another hub.
  •  Content Item Faceting: Select a specific subset of content items (for example, with a specific type or containing a certain string in the name) for actions such as export, archive and publish.
  •  Extensions: Import/Export
  •  Search Index: Import/Export, optionally rewrite webhooks for the target hub
  •  Content Repository: List, Assign Content Types
  •  Event: Export/Archive, Import with scheduling (experimental)
  •  Settings: Import/Export


  • Available to all Amplience Dynamic Content customers
  • Must obtain an API client

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