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The headless CMS of choice.

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The headless CMS retailers are looking to is Amplience.

Retailers these days aren’t making do with just any platform. They are seeking something specific to their needs, something with advanced user tooling, and something that lets them take control of their brand and customer experiences.

“...enabling collaborative content planning, tasks and delivery all in one platform is a game-changer for commerce scenarios”-Forrester

Preview and schedule with ease

Put the power back in the hands of your business users. Amplience lets you preview content throughout production with our side-by-side inline editor. See it as you create, see how it will render across different devices, and go back in time with history versioning.

Once your content is ready, schedule it, publish it, either way you know there will be no surprises when it’s live.

Plan ahead with content calendars

Content changes are happening by the hundreds, if not the thousands, and they’re happening at pace. Amplience’s integrated calendars let you see any content scheduled to go live, and any past releases too. Another way to help you manage the complexity of regular iterations and content workflows. You’re welcome.

Engage your customers, everywhere

Amplience isn’t just a headless CMS. Retailers today need to do more than just manage content. They need to create and manage customer experiences across an array of channels. Their content has to integrate harmoniously with their eCommerce. And, they have to be engaging and relevant to their customers every step of the way. The next step in retail is a digital experience platform (DXP).

Find out more about managing your digital experiences.

The integrations you want, and need

Amplience seamlessly integrates with a range of other applications, in particular key enterprise commerce solutions like Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, SAP and commercetools. Combined with additional other extensions and web hooks on offer, Amplience can be used in the way you need, to suit your business requirements.

View our integrations marketplace.

Evaluating headless CMS options?

The CMS market is crowded with hundreds of vendors all claiming to provide similar capabilities, functionality and benefits. So how do you choose which CMS is the right fit for your business, and perhaps more importantly today, how do you know if a headless CMS is right for you?

This is a relatively detailed guide and we highly recommend you read it in its entirety, as selecting a CMS is a mission critical component to effectively operating your business. We hope you find this guide insightful and help accelerate your CMS evaluation process.

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