January 10, 2024 | 5 Min

Sneak Peek: Amplience Studios

Ali Hanyaloglu
AuthorAli Hanyaloglu
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In 2023 Amplience introduced a bold new vision to rid the world of bad shopping experiences by becoming the leading AI Content company. We are the only ones to be able to deliver on that, and we have been doing so rapidly, introducing individual AI Services within our platform for CMS, DAM and Content Delivery. We are thrilled to say that our brand and retail customers have been using them with gusto.

Until we started to deliver on this vision, marketers and merchandisers were having a tough time getting enough content and assets produced quickly and at high volume without using up all their hard-earned marketing budget. The creative teams they relied upon were fine for predictable content and assets that were scheduled far in advance. But they have been hindered by their inability to rapidly deliver shopping experiences that stood out from the competition with unscheduled and dynamic content onto engaging PDPs for shoppers to make informed decisions to buy quickly based on contextual factors.

We will soon be launching all new AI applications that we call Studios that bring these powerful AI Services together into a single interface accessible from our leading headless CMS platform. Studios are built to address the specific use cases and workflows marketers and merchandisers face that are in context of the shopping experiences that they deliver, all within a beautifully-designed interface that is guided, intuitive and a delight to use. If this sounds like a different way of working with a CMS, you would be right. AI Content creation, augmentation and validation will change traditional workflows and how we use the underlying CMS and DAM.

Image Studio

The first Studio we will be launching is Image Studio. As AI becomes democratized, marketers and merchandisers should no longer be beholden to the timelines set by their creative teams and agencies for asset-related tasks. Those jobs can be too costly and slow to be done manually or with multiple expensive tools. Instead they can be handled quickly and in greater volumes by marketers themselves, all with high-quality, high-fidelity and high-efficacy provided only by Amplience’s AI Services within Image Studio.

Whether it’s a single task like removing a background from an existing product image, or a complete workflow of multiple tasks such as generating multiple variants of an accessible promotional banner with different aspect ratios, backgrounds and roundels, marketers and merchandisers can rely upon contextualized and trustworthy generative AI Services to get asset-related work done faster and at greater volume than ever before.

This frees up creative teams to work on the high-value projects they should be focused on: like new brand visuals and photoshoots for product launches scheduled months in advance. And marketers and merchandisers can then deliver standout assets in an unscheduled and dynamic manner that drive exceptional shopping experiences, faster and at greater volume, without having to spend hard-earned marketing operating budget on agencies or junior staff members.

Content Studio

Content Studio will take a similar approach to unifying AI Services into a single beautiful application, but instead focused on applicable text-based shopping content use cases and workflows.

Content Studio can be configured to match a brand’s requirements, setting up guardrails that stop data leakage and protect the brand, resulting in a prompt that incorporates contextual factors such as audiences, tone of voice, style, product data, location, seasons, events and more. Amplience Generative AI capabilities then delivers content with much higher efficacy and applicability than other tools that can’t take into account shopping context like product catalog information and customer segments (via techniques like RAG), again, faster and at greater volumes than ever before.

Content Studio won’t just generate content for you, but also augment and validate: it will format it with headings, generate meta tags for SEO based on the content produced, generate multiple variants based on different parameters in the prompt brief, and in the future, validate it to ensure it reads well according to your brand guidelines and complies with any local requirements and laws.

Whether its captivating banners, relevant product images, blog articles highlighting the latest trends, informative shopping guides or more engaging product descriptions, Image Studio and Content Studio will bring a unique and powerful way for marketers and merchandisers to be able to win with their shopping experiences. And with our years of expertise in shopping experiences with hundreds of brands and retailers, Amplience is the only AI Content company that can deliver on this.

We can’t wait for you to join us on our journey to rid the world of bad shopping experiences and experience Studios for yourself. In the meantime, check out our AI Playground from within Dynamic Content or via our free trial and let us know what you think.