Introducing the Amplience eComm Toolkit

Kelly Masters
August 22, 2023
5 mins
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We are on a mission to rid the world of bad shopping experiences and here at Amplience, we know that starts with empowering the teams that build them. That’s why we are excited to announce a new and improved Amplience eComm Toolkit that makes it faster and easier to build relevant shopping experiences that increase basket size and drive higher AOV.

What is the eComm Toolkit?

The Amplience eComm Toolkit is an extension that removes the back and forth between Amplience Dynamic Content, our integrated CMS, and major commerce platforms. Supported commerce platforms today include commercetools, Big Commerce, Shopify and Salesforce.

So, instead of having to sit there and copy and paste commerce information into a trance, the information is automatically pulled into Amplience. This not only enormously reduces content production time and makes space for more valuable tasks, it also removes any potential for human error that come from tedious (and boring) manual tasks.

This easy-to-deploy extension maps three critical commerce functions from the commerce platform into Amplience automatically:

1. Commerce Categories

What it Does: Pulls commerce categories from your commerce platform automatically into Amplience.

How it Helps: This makes it much faster and easier to pull categories into things like navigation structure and hierarchies in Amplience, without needing to manually reference and paste information from the commerce platform.

2. Content Personalization through User Segments 

What it Does: Maps user groups/segments from your commerce platform automatically into Amplience.

How it Helps: This is a much easier way to create more personalized content experiences by populating targeted user segments pre-defined in your commerce platform when building content in Amplience. No more back and forth copy and paste and no risk for human error!

3. Product IDs and Keywords

What it Does: Lets you search and select individual or multiple products from your commerce platform to populate a content item in Amplience.

How it Helps: This makes it easy to build things like product carousels or populate a curated product listing page fast by auto-populating products from your commerce platform. No back and forth.

Save hours when you sync your commerce platform with Amplience

The eComm Toolkit is available today for Amplience customers to deploy and requires either commercetools, Big Commerce, Shopify or Salesforce. We have a GitHub documentation page you can reference, and we have also created a quick start implementation demo so you can see just how easy it is to deploy.

Contact Amplience if you have questions or feedback, or for any troubleshooting with the eComm Toolkit extension. Check out our ecosystem of features, services, app, integration and accelerators in our Marketplace and stay tuned for more.