Introducing the Assets tab: Giving you direct access to your digital assets

Rebecca Taylor
June 30, 2022
2 mins
EngineeringProduct updates

What is the Assets tab?

At Amplience we are continually striving to improve our platform and make it easier for you to create and manage your digital experiences. Our Content Hub is a powerful digital asset management (DAM) platform which helps you manage, upload, organize and enrich the digital assets your audiences expect.

To help speed up your workflow, we have introduced a new Assets tab into the Dynamic Content interface - giving you direct access to some of the features of Content Hub.

Within the new Assets tab you can perform common editorial content workflow actions:

  • Create folders

  • Upload assets

  • Publish assets

  • Search assets

  • Use assets within your content

The Assets tab doesn’t replace the DAM experience of Content Hub. It’s been designed to enable the most common actions you would usually take in Content Hub, without having to switch between interfaces.

The Assets tab can be configured to use your company’s existing Content Hub permissions which might be used to keep brand assets separated between teams. Or the Assets tab can be configured to give all your team the same simple level of access to all its features.

Request the Assets tab today

For further information about the Assets tab check out our Release Notes & Documentation.

The Assets tab is enabled on a per hub basis rather than by user so will require your account administrator to make the request. You can request the Assets tab here or email your Customer Success Manager to discuss getting the Assets tab configured on your Dynamic Content account.