July 25, 2023 | 5 Min

Introducing Preview for the GraphQL Content Delivery API

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Continuing our commitment to providing market-leading content delivery performance and developer experience, we’re excited to share details of the latest enhancements to our GraphQL Content Delivery API and the bigger picture of how that fits into our Content Delivery service.

Latest Enhancements to our GraphQL Content Delivery API

Beyond performance improvements, the most significant update we’ve made is that we now have VSE Latest Mode support, meaning you can fully use the API and preview content using GraphQL with our unique Virtual Staging Environment capability.

You can not only use this functionality to build preview applications showing your latest content, but you can also use the Amplience GraphQL Playground to preview unpublished content via a dedicated preview endpoint.

The Amplience playground has many in-built features to enhance your developer experience, some of which include:

  • Switching between multiple tabs to view different code snippets

  • The ability to prettify, copy and merge fragments into your queries

  • A documentation explorer and history log of previous queries to reuse

  • The ability to re-fetch GraphQL schemas and access a short-keys dialog for a more seamless coding experience

Why use a GraphQL Content Delivery API?

The overarching business benefit of GraphQL is the ability to increase front-end performance through request optimization. This is achieved by allowing developers to specify what they need and get exactly that, making it possible to get multiple resources in a single request. In short, GraphQL provides the tools to solve the problems of both over-fetching and under-fetching.

For developers, GraphQL is fast becoming the preferred query language for creating rich digital experiences due to its improved experience. Benefits include:

  • GraphQL is self-documenting which removes the need to manually update documentation and also helps to reduce the learning curve when adopting GraphQL APIs

  • It provides an abstraction layer that insulates your frontend developers from API changes in the backend, allowing rapid product iterations on the front-end without needing backend adjustments.

  • GraphQL can be easily extended to suit specific needs

These benefits are inherent to GraphQL technology, but what makes Amplience unique is that you can choose between a variety of Content Delivery APIs to suit your architecture and team, to interact with our NoSQL database CMS through our Content Delivery Service.

Prioritizing Performance for our Content Delivery Service

At Amplience, we are proud to prioritize performance in all product decisions. Our Content Delivery Service is run across multi-CDNs, meaning we can offer lightning-fast response times wherever your customers are globally.

Our underlying NoSQL architecture is engineered for high throughput and low-latency. Many of our competitors run on SQL databases which can’t cope as well with massive amounts of data when performing operations at a large scale. NoSQL is the expected way modern systems are built today and means our architecture can scale up to meet any load while still providing very low latency (milliseconds).

These benefits are backed up by our industry-leading service availability with our 99.99% Content Delivery SLA (available on Premier & Pro Success plans).

Start Using the GraphQL Content Delivery API Today

The GraphQL Content Delivery API is available to use now, find out more in our Documentation or contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions.