The Only Headless CMS to Offer Content Scheduling with Time-Based Full-Site Preview

Kelly Masters
February 7, 2024
5 mins

In today’s fast paced digital world, planning and scheduling content ahead of publishing is vital to keep your internal teams sane and to deliver consistently exceptional shopping experiences. Pre-scheduling site changes and content updates is a core requirement, but the inability to preview end-to-end experiences can often leave marketing and merchandising teams feeling like they’re navigating in the dark.

Many competing CMS platforms have time-based preview, but this is limited to previewing individual content types and pages. The ability to preview end-to-end changes across the entire site experience is limited.

Today, I’m thrilled to share we are the first and only headless CMS that offers Time Machine Preview of your entire site, not just on a content item or page level.

Introducing Time Machine Preview with Filter API

Time machine preview allows you to pull previews of what your site will look like in the future in an easily sharable link from Dynamic Content, Amplience’s  integrated CMS. The Filter API makes it easy to list, filter and sort content by querying content in the Amplience CMS.

Now time machine preview supports filter API so you can easily view scheduled changes to your full site experiences, not just individual pages/content items. This is especially useful when viewing entire blog listing pages that include scheduled posts or things like hierarchies such as site navigation.

Figure 1: This image shows a website in it’s current state (left) and a scheduled future version of the same site (right) with homepage and navigation structure changes.

How does this help content producers?

Scheduling and managing content is complex, especially when there are multiple individuals and teams driving. Having increased visibility through workflows like this helps merchants and marketers create and schedule content with confidence across multiple use cases — a capability that’s completely unique to the Amplience CMS.

Other CMS platforms are limited to return only a list of items and cannot pull the full site experience for preview, which can result in site errors and a poor experience for customers.

This release also makes working with hierarchies much easier, as you’re able to visualize and preview big changes like navigation structures across the full site experience.

Figure 2: Time Machine Preview in action highlighting the ability to select an event and preview your experience at any selected time.

Figure 3: This is the Amplience content planning timeline view. We built Dynamic Content scheduling to handle even the most complex of campaign calendars, allowing you to plan build, preview and publish multi-faceted, multi-week campaigns across regions with confidence.

Ready to get started?

If you’re a current Dynamic Content customer with the preview app installed, you automatically have this capability in your environment. If you’d like to learn more about this feature and read up on use cases, check out the documentation link here.

You can find out more about how previews use virtual staging in Dynamic Content and Virtual Staging and the Creating content previews page.