March 15, 2024 | 3 Min

Sneak Peek: Amplience Studios & Salesforce Einstein Copilot Integration

Beth Norton
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You asked, we answered. If there’s one thing we really love doing, it’s joining forces with our brilliant partners to bring you the integrations and solutions that make it even easier for you to deliver exceptional shopping experiences to your customers. We love to help you win.

So, as we continue to deliver on our mission to rid the world of bad shopping experiences as an AI Content company, we’re very excited to reveal our upcoming integration with one of our most valued partners, Salesforce.

But first ...

What is Salesforce Einstein Copilot?

In February, Salesforce announced the release of Einstein Copilot, a conversational generative AI assistant which, when combined with the power of Salesforce CRM, interacts with users to create content, interpret complex conversations and dynamically automate tasks. Marketers can use it to build more effective digital storefronts, customer service teams can use it to respond to queries faster and sales teams can use it to understand their customers on a deeper level.

Einstein Copilot can be customized to suit your business needs and one of these key customizable components is Copilot Builder, a library of capabilities that customers can choose from to customize their AI assistant. For example, marketers could use it to update a campaign workflow or activate a promotion.

At Salesforce TrailblazerDX, Salesforce announced Commerce Copilot, enabling users to automate tasks using natural language. Specifically, Merchant Copilot will enable merchandisers to create promotions, generate product descriptions and product sets, set goals, extract insightful analytics and automate the setup of new features — augmenting merchandisers’ skills and giving them valuable time back to focus on more strategic tasks (if it sounds familiar, it’s because this is very much what we do with our AI services).

So, where does Amplience come in?

Introducing Amplience Studios x Salesforce Einstein Copilot

Salesforce and Amplience have a common goal — developing AI for specific use cases that will empower marketers and merchandisers to be more efficient and productive. With the launch of Amplience Studios on the horizon, we’re joining forces and integrating with Commerce Copilot to launch custom actions such as adding and enhancing product imagery, launching creative campaigns and updating website assets — all within a single interface. Using Einstein Copilot’s detailed analytics capabilities and AI-driven recommendations, Amplience users will be able to make data-driven decisions about their creative content based on customer engagement and interactions.

All your AI-generated assets will be instantly available to populate in automated workflows and promotions across every one of your touchpoints, so you can connect with your audience and deliver rich, conversion-driving experiences to your shoppers, wherever they are.

We told you; we strive to make it easy for you to win.

What’s next?

Trust us, you’ll be the first to know when this game-changing integration launches. The only thing better for empowering your teams than Amplience Studios is Amplience Studios with the power of Salesforce Einstein Copilot.

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Watch this space ...