The Path to Headless

Realizing the Value of Headless, Fast.

Take Your Digital Transformation into Your Own Hands.

Headless means flexibility. The flexibility to change. It’s the path to letting go of your technical debt, moving one step at a time to the modern architecture you know you need to meet the demands of your business, and your customers. Take on a headless approach, and see just how quickly you can realize the true value it can offer.

Watch the recent webinar featuring Felix Jungermann, Partner and Senior Architekt at KPS, Bernd Burkert, Partner CMS Innovation Center at KPS, Neil Mistry, Head of Solutions Engineering at Amplience, and Michael Türk, Senior Director Solution Consulting at Spryker, as they discuss how to make the move to headless.

Key Highlights:

  • The secret to seeing value from headless (hint, it’s about taking an iterative approach)

  • The organizational change you’ll need to make it work

  • The flexibility you’ll realize

  • How to move to headless quickly, from initial scoping to measuring success

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