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Coffee Chat With Alison Williams

How to Empower Your Business Users with Amplience and Composable Storefront

Thinking about going headless in Composable Storefront? But worried about how it might impact your business users?

This webinar, delivered by our very own Director of Solution Engineering Alison Williams, provides insight into how Amplience with Composable Storefront drives faster frontend performance and boosts productivity for your merchandisers, marketers and content teams.

Bringing years of first-hand business user experience, Alison demonstrates how going headless with Amplience eliminates the common challenges these teams face.

What's Covered?

  • Plenty of practical tips and advice to help you get the most out of Amplience and feel more confident using the platform

  • Expert guidance on making Amplience easier to use and how it helps business users execute faster, creating more content, more campaign and better customer experiences

  • A Q&A with our resident solutions specialists where she answered questions about headless commerce and the business considerations for implementation