Webinar: RetailX USA eCommerce Country Report in Discussion

Get the lowdown on US eCommerce with expert views from RetailX, Amplience and ACI Worldwide

What’s Next for US Ecommerce?

Don’t have time to read RetailX’s latest US country report? No problem.

We recently joined experts from RetailX and ACI Worldwide to discuss the highlights in a joint webinar, Understanding the US Consumer.

From changes in payment methods to all the new ways retailers are now interacting with their audience (and even a little dip into the metaverse), there’s plenty to get stuck into.

You’ll Learn:

  • Some key stats, trends and insights from US eCommerce in 2021, with in-depth analysis from a panel of industry experts

  • How payment methods have evolved in the wake of the pandemic, why that is and where things might go next

  • What the biggest 100 US retailers are doing in eCommerce and what that means for the market in general

  • What the next big US eCommerce trends are going to be, from voice search to personalization, the metaverse and more

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