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The health, wellness and beauty industries are rife with competition. They're industries that had to pivot drastically as a result of Covid-19 given they’re typically very in-store, in-person, ‘touch and try’ type industries. So how have they dealt with it all, and what future trends are they preparing for?

Retail Summits’ North American Health, Wellness and Beauty eCommerce Summit saw Alison Williams, Business Developer Director at Amplience, join other industry experts discussing digital and eCommerce trends, everything from strategies for standing out to the use of data and the impact upcoming privacy updates will have.

Key Highlights:

  • How to build your brand tribe

  • Pivoting marketing efforts as a result of Covid

  • How to harmonize the offline and online experiences

  • The affect new privacy updates from Apple and Google etc will have on marketing

  • The benefits of personalization and customer segmentation

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