Accelerate Success with Powerful Headless Storefronts

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As customer expectations continue to evolve, retailers need to deliver seamless, connected digital shopping experiences.

To do that, however, you need the right technology. And for the leading retailers out there, composable is the answer.

But what does this approach mean for you and your teams? How can it help you launch hyper-personalized commerce experiences in a fraction of the time and cost you’re used to. And why is it the most effective way to improve customer engagement and conversions?

In a recent Tech Talk webinar with Capgemini, we helped answer these questions and more.  

What's Covered?

  • An overview of composable commerce and how it will benefit you and your business 
  • A deeper look at the architecture of Capgemini’s B2C Composable Storefront accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, including a demo 
  • Why Capgemini included the AmplienceCMS within the accelerator and how that helps power better experiences 
  • A Q&A with the panel of experts