A Platform Ready to Take on the World

With over 2,200 outlets across 21 countries, Landmark Group is one of the largest retail and hospitality conglomerates in the Middle East, Africa and India. Landmark owns roughly 50 brands across a range of categories including homeware, fashion, footwear and cosmetics.

Being one of the biggest omnichannel retailers in such a diverse region comes with some serious challenges. Landmark Group was under pressure to deliver world-class customer experiences across a variety of different platforms for different brands operating in a range of countries, meaning different currencies need to be accounted for.

Its tech infrastructure wasn’t pulling its weight. The team were customizing content manually to the point of almost building it all from scratch. Landmark Group needed a platform that does the heavy lifting for its content teams while providing the flexibility to create tailored customer experiences.

The Result:

  • Successfully uploading 150,000 new products to digital storefronts every year

  • Improved scalability across various territories, languages and platforms

  • Streamlined production process to meet the rapidly rising demands of a growing customer base

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