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How Sweaty Betty Create Immersive, Customer-first Online Experiences

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Amplience customer, Sweaty Betty has been shaking up the active wear market for over 20 years. Their seamless, online customer journey creates an immersive, storytelling experience.

Join Sweaty Betty’s Content Manager, Peter Exley, eCommerce Content Coordinator, Pippa Wingate and Front-End Developer, Alastair Knowles as they delve into the world of content with Amplience’s Head of Customer Success, Troy Pratley.

Video Highlights:

  • 7:29 - The history of Sweaty Betty

  • 9:49 - The background of the online site and Sweaty Betty’s content strategy

  • 13:57 - Customer journey pre-Amplience’s Dynamic Content

  • 17:20 - Customer journey with now using Amplience’s Dynamic Content

  • 19:10 - Content processes and workflows pre-Amplience’s Dynamic Content

  • 30:45 - Content processes and workflows now using Amplience’s Dynamic Content

  • 39:30 - Sweaty Betty life during Covid-19

  • 45:00 - The future of Sweaty Betty - what’s to come

  • 50:11 - Q&A