Video Series: Learn About Composable Storefront with James Brooke

Launch Faster. Move Faster. Grow Faster. Win.

Want to create better storefront experiences, faster, with unrestrained content production, fewer development bottlenecks, improved site performance and more conversions?

If you’re already a Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) user, you can achieve all that and more without the pain and cost of a full re-platform.

How? By unlocking the power of headless with Composable Storefront.

In this series of short, easily digestible videos, Amplience Founder, James Brooke explains exactly how you can make that happen and why it’s going to transform your commerce experience.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why commerce brands are increasingly moving to headless, what this buzzword really means and how it can change the way you work and transform your storefront experience

  • Expert advice on when you should and shouldn’t go headless, what to consider before deciding and the business case for this new approach

  • What Composable Storefront means for SFCC users, the benefits of migrating and how you can accelerate your move to headless Salesforce

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James Brooke

Founder & CEO at


Part 1: Why are so many commerce brands moving to headless?

You’ve no doubt heard the word headless enough times by now – here’s why it’s fast becoming the new standard.

Part 2: What is MACH and how does it change things?

Microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless – learn what the MACH approach is about and why you should care.

Part 3: What does headless look like in Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

A simple breakdown of the key differences between the SFCC you’re used to and a new and improved headless Salesforce.

Part 4: Should you go headless in Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

There are many benefits to going headless, but how do you know if it’s right for you?

Part 5: What should you think about before going headless?

If you think headless SFCC is the right approach for you, here are some things you need to consider before you make the move.

Part 6: What is Composable Storefront?

An overview of Composable Storefront in SFCC: a digital commerce solution to help retailers ‘go headless’ fast.

Part 7: What are the benefits of Composable Storefront?

Learn how Composable Storefront can help you create better commerce experiences, faster, with unrestrained content production and improved site performance.

Part 8: What is the business case for Composable Storefront?

Looking beyond the high-level benefits, here’s the business case for migrating your site to Composable Storefront.

Part 9: What is the 64labs Composable Storefront Accelerator?

Learn how you can unlock the power of headless, accelerate storefront performance and drive more sales, faster and more effectively than you otherwise could.

Part 10: What is the High Volume Retail Accelerator?

See what customers like Asda are doing to accelerate their move to headless and how you could benefit from what they’ve learned.