Covid’s Effect on Retail

The thinkTribe Podcast.

Thinking Ahead. Thinking of a World Post Pandemic.

Online traffic has grown exponentially, customer behaviors are changing, and the in-store experience just isn’t the same at the moment. Thanks Covid.

Retailers must adapt as they come out of lockdown. They must look at being mobile-first but not mobile only, accept that online is becoming the mainstream channel, and evolve every page into a landing page given customers are breaking the typical eCommerce sales funnel by coming to the site from different channels.

John Williams, CTO at Amplience, joined the thinkTribe podcast for their Talking Performance series to discuss the impact of the pandemic on online traffic, changes in customer behavior and how retailers must adapt going forward.

Key Highlights:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on online traffic

  • How device usage is changing, and the increase in desktop as a result of the pandemic

  • The future for retailers as they leave lockdown

  • The changes seen in the customer journey

  • The rise of the app

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