Listen: Amplience CTO John Williams on FODcast

“Not everyone can access higher education. We need new ways to bring passionate, smart people into technology.”

Digital Commerce: An Inside View

In a recent FODcast episode, our CTO John Williams joined host Tim Roedel to look back on his 25-year career in tech.Having spent 17 of those years as a CTO he’s got plenty of exciting stories to share, from helping set up Amplience to becoming an accredited member of the MACH alliance. This is a must-listen for anyone at any stage in their tech career. Or anyone who’s interested in the current and future state of eCommerce and digital content management.

You’ll hear:

  • John’s journey from farm worker to CTO and what he learned on the way
  • Some of the current and emerging trends he’s seeing across the industry  
  • The origins of Amplience and how it evolved into the platform and business it is today
  • Why the headless approach is so different from the monolithic platforms of old 
  • How to attract and develop talent in the context of the current tech skills shortage
John Williams

John Williams

CTO at


Tim Roedel

Tim Roedel

CEO at

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