The Importance of Agility to the Future of Retail

Retail Insider Podcast.

Aligning Offline and Online Retail.

“Everyone says bricks and mortar is dying. I say it just has to evolve,” says Adam Sturrock, VP of Product Marketing at Amplience. Part of that evolution is the device sitting in everyone’s pockets – the smartphone. Everything is already in place, retailers just need to harness the right technology to really connect with their customers and enrich their experiences, whether they’re shopping online or walking into their physical stores.

A big part of the technology and infrastructure needed will be headless commerce. It provides the business agility retailers need to adapt quickly and proactivity implement change to gain a competitive edge.

Adam joined the Retail Insider podcast to discuss headless commerce and how it’s enabling the agility needed to propel retail into the future.

Key Highlights:

  • Headless commerce and its momentum in the market

  • The importance of agility in retail

  • The future of retail and brick and mortar stores

  • Headless in the Canadian market, including Harry Rosen’s headless implementation

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