Adopting Mach in a B2b Business

The Mach Alliance Podcast Feat. Gireesh Sahukar.

Launch Is Just the Starting Point. Not the Finish Line.

For over 100 years, Dawn Foods has been a leading manufacturer and distributer of bakery ingredients across the world. But eCommerce was non-existent. On their anniversary they found themselves asking “what do we need to do to stay in business for the next 100 years?” It wasn’t just about surviving, but evolving and thriving.

Gireesh Sahukar, VP of Digital at Dawn Foods, joined Rory Dennis on the MACH Alliance Podcast to discuss their digital transformation, as well as how a MACH approach has brought about digital success.

Key Highlights:

  • Vendors all agreeing on the architectural way forward – API driven and API first

  • How fast you can spin up compelling B2B experiences, with Dawn Foods launching in just 22 weeks

  • Dawn Foods have constantly iterated to push live over 40 different capabilities that have each driven conversion and engagement

  • By every metric defined Dawn Food’s digital transformation has been a success.

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