The Developer Debate

Do You Need a Computer Science Degree to Be a Developer?

Developer Debate

On one hand, a degree can give you a greater depth of understanding and the tools to learn. On the other, developers these days are more business focused and programming languages aren’t as complicated as they used to be.

So, do you need a computer science degree to be a developer? Hear both sides in the latest episode of our Developer Debate series, brought to you by Amplience and our partner commercetools.

Join our VP of Solutions, Thom Armstrong, as he moderates the debate between Amplience Chief Technology Officer, John Williams, and commercetools Chief Product Officer, Kelly Goetsch.

Video Highlights:

  • 1:20 – Why do you need a computer science degree?

  • 6:30 – Why you do not need a computer science degree?

  • 11:47 – Rebuttal of each point

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