Video: Interview with Selfologi CEO Rob Pye

Hear how selfologi used Amplience’s unified platform to bring its cosmetic eCommerce brand from concept to launch in a matter of months.

Changing the Face of Cosmetic Treatment

Selfologi is the Shopify of cosmetic treatment, allowing customers to learn about and compare treatments before they book online and connecting them directly with the right clinic and staff.

Being able to deliver this service digitally was a matter of finding the right technology partner. That’s why selfologi turned to Amplience. And within just seven months it went from start-up concept to a full launch.

Selfologi CEO Rob Pye sat down with Amplience founder, James Brooke to discuss this journey and where it might lead going forward.

What’s covered?

  • Introduction to selfologi: how the brand is changing the face of cosmetic treatment and its plans for the future

  • Getting the big decisions right: how selfologi teamed up with Amplience, Algolia and commercetools to build and deliver its digital platform

  • The importance of agility: why selfologi adopted a flexible approach to its commerce platform and how this has boosted lead generation and sales