Improving Conversion Rates

When customer experiences affect the bottom line.

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Stop thinking conversion. Start thinking experience.

Customers have so much choice online. So much so that their expectations of retailers are high. Poor website performance, lack of content or relevancy and they’ll simply go elsewhere. So, with the average conversion rate for retailers in 2020 sitting at 2-3% according to Digital Commerce 360’s survey, how can retailers look to turn more shoppers into actual buyers?

Digital Commerce 360’s Q&A with Adam Sturrock (pg 47), VP of Product Marketing at Amplience, looks at how modern digital experiences and MACH-based technology can drive retailer’s conversion rates higher.

Plus, access the entire Digital Commerce 360 report, How to Improve Conversion Rates, featuring analysis on conversion rates and influencing factors, the importance of product detail pages, new technologies, and conversion rates on marketplaces.

“64% of Retailers Believe Customer Experience Is the Most Crucial Investment for the Future.”

-Digital Commerce 360 survey

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How to Improve Conversion Rates Q&A with Digital Commerce 360