Headless Commerce for the Business Leader

A Playbook on Headless Commerce Strategy

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Everything you need to know about headless and how it enables composable architecture.

The way we shop online has changed forever.

Monolithic commerce platforms are dying out. More and more business leaders are going headless to meet the needs of their customers.

But what exactly is headless commerce? Why is it so important now? And how can you successfully migrate to a headless platform?

Created in collaboration with commercetools, Capgemini, Algolia and Fluent Commerce, this guide answers all these questions and more.

You’ll learn: 

  • Five of the biggest benefits headless can bring to your business

  • How to choose the right headless frontends and what to look out for

  • The functionality of headless commerce platforms

  • How to migrate to a headless platform as painlessly as possible

  • Things to consider before you start your headless implementation