Future of Retail 2020

What can retailers really expect?

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What Does the Future Hold?

We all know 2020 was the year of unprecedented times, that affected retail in so many ways and continues to do so.

The Future of Retail 2020 report, as published in The Times, examines how retail is expected to continue post-coronavirus, what brands need to know about social commerce, the new retail calendar, and so much more.

Keep an eye out for our article on page five, as Amplience CEO, James Brooke, discusses the accelerated approach to digital and how a headless architecture might just be the way forward.

The Report Includes:

  • A featured infographic looking at how coronavirus has impacted holiday season shopping and whether shoppers will cut-back and save, or indulge more than previous years

  • How Covid-19 has been the catalyst for an acceleration of a digital-first approach

  • The six forecasts for the future of retail

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Future of Retail 2020