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The Forrester TEI Study of Dynamic Media

A Proven Performance Booster

All commerce brands dread slow customer experiences. You know if your performance is poor it’s going to cost you in lost revenue and wasted time. Forrester TEI study of Amplience Dynamic Media proves how it can make a significant economic improvements for commerce brands. Read the report to get a strong framework to assess the positive financial impact that Dynamic Media will have on your business.

In a Nutshell:

  • $744,275 cost savings made

  • $448,319 avoidance of outage revenue

  • 66% ROI in 5.5 months

  • Reduced media uploading time

Get Better Experiences With Dynamic Media

Are you overspender on licence fees and underdelivering on customer experience? You can stop that. Forrester analysts have proven that Amplience Dynamic Media can deliver huge savings of 25% to 35% compared to legacy platforms, with the study’s composite organization saving a risk-adjusted PV of $744,275 over three years.

Additional revenue was saved due to Amplience’s rock-solid reliability: with an overall 99.99% monthly uptime, the brand in question avoided 2 hours of site downtime per year. This revenue loss avoidance, after a risk adjustment of 20%, amounted to $448,319 saving over the three years.

The speed advantage was also recognized by customers in the study. Dynamic Media reduced media upload time, which boosted conversions and loyalty. Meaning investment payback was seen within 5.5 months.

Download the Forrester TEI Study of Dynamic Media to learn more about Amplience can transform your commerce business.

“The images load faster and are of better quality which has an impact on conversion and loyalty.”