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The Forrester TEI Study of Dynamic Content

A Proven Productivity Booster

Forrester analysts spent time with a high profile enterprise commerce business to assess how Amplience Dynamic Content improves processes, team productivity and customer experience. This is an independently conducted study that gives you a solid framework to assess the total economic impact that Dynamic Content will have on your business.

In a Nutshell:

  • ROI of 120% in less than 3 months

  • Customer support issues down 70%

  • Increase individual team efficiency by 300%

  • Launch additional sites without scaling team

Achieve More in Less Time with Dynamic Content

Brands know world-class content offers better experiences. But most are stuck with a platform that makes it exhausting to create. Forrester analysts have proven that Amplience Dynamic Content improves productivity and customer experience. Freeing you to deliver more powerful experience without stress. The brand in the study decreased errors and inconsistencies to reduce customer support issues by 70%. Resulting in a three-year, risk-adjusted PV of $675K.

Productivity was significantly boosted too. With fewer errors and bottlenecks to slow teams down they were free to focus on high-value tasks. The team members involved in the study tripled their productivity. This giant boost was equivalent to an additional 150 days per year. After applying a 75% capture rate and a 20% risk adjustment, the three-year, present value of this new-found productivity was just under $1.5M.

Download the Forrester TEI Study of Dynamic Content to learn more about how Amplience can transform your commerce business.

“The organization has been able to launch two additional sites without increasing the size of the team.”