How Top US Retailers Hit $1 Trillion in Sales

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In 2021, history was made.

For the first time ever, global online sales of the top 1,000 retailers in North America (the US, Canada and Mexico) surpassed $1 trillion.

That’s a 67.6% surge from 2019.

But what types of merchants are succeeding the most? And what trends are emerging in the industry?

This report from Digital Commerce 360 dives into the data to answer these questions and more. Plus, on page 7 you’ll also find a Q&A with Adam Sturrock, Vice President of Product Marketing at Amplience.

You’ll learn:

  • The shifts in what customers are buying online and which merchandise categories are growing fastest 
  • Why it’s vital to deliver customer experiences with the right people, processes and products

  • Why small and medium-sized businesses are growing at a faster rate than the top retailers