Connected Customer Experiences

Designing connected customer experiences for the modern world

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Goodbye traditional sales funnel.

Say hello to a world where customers can interact with you in an infinite number of ways. Now, it’s even harder to ensure you’re delivering the same consistent and connected experience to shoppers, however they choose to interact with you.

But you can. We’ll show you how. In fact, together with Algolia, Akeneo and EPAM, we’ve looked at how you can solve for all those journeys, and take you through an example whereby through leveraging the right technology and the right strategies, brands can design experiences for this digital-first, modern world.

Key highlights:

  • How the sales funnel has drastically changed with the increase of digital channels

  • A walk through of a modern-day commerce experience, and how to plug the gaps

  • How brands can solve for infinite customer journeys, including effectively incorporating product information, search and discovery, content and visual assets

  • How to build the foundations of connected, customer experiences