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Application Velocity

Application flow and page load speed improvement are key drivers of the move to modern Progressive Web App (PWA) based storefront experiences. After all, your customers won’t wait around for pages to load – and your business users need efficient ways to create campaigns and landing pages, and also to structure navigation and layout. Our Next Gen Content API ensures your experience is lightning fast and responsive, at all times, while simplifying creation and management tasks.

In a Nutshell:

  • Blazing fast content delivery APIs, <30ms TTFB

  • Support for complex multi-region commerce storefront configuration

  • Simplified set-up and configuration for business users

  • The foundation for high performance ‘headless’ experiences

Lightning Fast Responses

Our Next Gen Content APIs are designed for high availability, high performance and high throughput. Our blazingly fast content service instantly (<30ms TTFB) returns content in bandwidth optimized formats. Behind our APIs is a large, distributed infrastructure, scaled to handle millions of requests with many layers of optimization and failovers.


Our new API retrieves content-by-name (delivery-key), simplifying the implementation and management of sophisticated digital experiences. Marketers and merchants use Dynamic Content’s powerful tools to assign a delivery key to a content item, i.e. “recipe/beef-skirt-steak.” Delivery keys make it straightforward for developers to integrate content into modern, headless solutions and provide an SEO friendly format for mapping content to page URLs.


In a post-web world, it’s time to dump the web-server and move to a modern API first infrastructure. Our Next Gen Content API is the foundation for Headless Experience Management. It’s time to upgrade - the future is now. Watch this space!

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