Amplifier: Accelerated Media

Faster Media with No Loss of Quality

Take advantage of the latest media codecs with Accelerated Media to reduce your page weight and deliver faster experiences to your customers.

Gains To Expect With Accelerated Media


Reduction in image weight

Save 50% in image weight using AVIF versus JPG file types.


Reduction in video weight

Save 40% in video weight using VP9 or H265 versus predecessors.

Without Any Perceptual Loss of Quality

You won’t believe your eyes when you compare old formats against the latest media codecs.

Because Everybody Wants Fast-Loading Experiences

Improved SEO

Search engines prioritize user experience. Page speed has been confirmed as a ranking factor, with Google favoring faster-loading sites.

Increased Organic Traffic

Fast websites receive higher rankings, increasing organic traffic and visability. Ranking on top of SERPs in your niche generates 39.8% CTR.

Higher Conversions

Consumers won’t settle for inferior digital experiences. A 3 second delay in loading can drop conversion rates up to 68%. Fast-loading sites have lower bounce rates and attract more conversions.

Easy Implementation

Setting up Accelerated Media is straightforward and requires minimal developer support. If you are already using Smart Images the image benefits will take effect immediately with no code changes. If you are not yet using Smart Images, your frontend developer will need to make a small change to your query string parameter. For video formats, your frontend developer will need to update your html video tag. New videos uploaded will be transcoded automatically with new profiles and previously uploaded formats will need to be reprocessed. Learn more about how to implement Accelerated Media in our documentation.

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