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Drive Engagement. Power Conversion.

Sap and Amplience. Rich Content Production and Delivery Empowering Brands to Create Powerful Commerce Experiences at Scale.

SAP Commerce Cloud is a market leading solution for enterprise retailers. And a partnership with Amplience gives brands the freedom to create continuously fresh content. To convert customers at every point of inspiration. Drive higher sales. And productivity. All without scaling your team.

Integrating Amplience Dynamic Content with SAP Commerce Cloud will transform your content production. Eliminate bottlenecks, accelerate processes and remodel assets into reusable, highly engaging digital content that can be delivered consistently across every customer segment, channel and locale. On average, brands running their content and commerce output with this partnership produce 50% more content with the same team size.

SAP Commerce Cloud is completely extendable, scalable, and transcends multiple deployment methods and industries. It continues to develop for headless commerce. And with recent release of their new frontend solution, Spartacus, our partnership will continue to evolve.

Deliver content faster and more efficiently. And increase page load speed by 20%–30%.

Personalized Commerce Experiences by SAP. Enriched by Real-time Content From Amplience.

Amplience pairs seamlessly with both SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud, giving you full control over your visual digital content. From product images and videos to dynamic banners, lookbooks and shoppable lifestyle. Deliver rich, informative, engaging content within personalized customer experiences and direct marketing.

The API-first and headless Amplience solution provides powerful automated image and video management workflows and transcoding capabilities, metadata and viewer configuration. Deliver time-sensitive promotions into key channels. Create more compelling experiences to engage consumers with content throughout their journey.

Distribute content to all digital channels from one central hub. Unify editorial and product content, image, video and document assets, for more efficient, collaborative and creative production processes. Streamline the creation of the rich customer experiences that drive conversion. And leverage Amplience’s high performance APIs and load balanced CDNs for super fast content delivery and a solid site performance.

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Enriched Experiences

Amplience Dynamic Media makes it easy to enrich your customer experiences with engaging product and promotional images and videos that work responsively to support any channel and device combination – improving site speed and quality.

Premium Certification

The Amplience integration with SAP has an unparalleled level of technical alignment. We go the extra mile to deliver incredible value to customers by easing the implementation effort and accelerating the timeline of customer project delivery.

Next Gen Commerce

The SAP and Amplience integration is part of a microservices, cloud-native, API-first and headless architecture. Decoupling your SAP commerce experience from the Amplience CMS gives maximum flexibility for maximum performance.

SAP Documentation

Amplience provides an extension for SAP Commerce Cloud. The extension is an integration accelerator that simplifies the implementation of Amplience Dynamic Media.

The extension allows you to manage all of your product media in Amplience Dynamic Media rather than in SAP Commerce Cloud. This gives you access to the advanced capabilities and performance of the Amplience Dynamic Media solution. You can find out more information on our Documentation site.

SAP and Amplience in action

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