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Amplience and SwiftWIN Announce New Partnership

NEW YORK, March 3, 2021 – Amplience, the leading headless commerce experience platform for brands and retailers, is pleased to announce a partnership with SwiftWIN, a global software development service provider.

In today’s world, consumers are increasingly shopping using smaller screen sizes and are doing so quicker and quicker than ever before. Personalized and contextual content is a key deliverable in trying to influence these shoppers, and in trying to get them to act fast.

Both Amplience and SwiftWIN are focused on this content driven commerce.

The prospect of Amplience’s powerful content management features, including rich content authoring and delivery solutions, combining with SwiftWIN’s deep technology expertise across various eCommerce platforms is an exciting one for marketers. Whether it be a personalized experience for a segment of buyers, a responsive design rendering for a mobile device, content consistency across channels or a product purchase journey infused with a popular blog article, Amplience and SwiftWIN together can deliver it all.

About Amplience

Amplience powers digital-first brands and retailers with the freedom to do more. Our low-code CMS, DAM and Digital Experience Management platform allows more than 350 of the world’s leading brand teams to manage content, not code. The result is a rapid ROI for our clients who are delivering data and insight-driven customer experiences that drive deeper, more valuable customer relationships.

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About SwiftWIN

SwiftWIN is a global software development service provider that helps deliver complex digital transformational programs to enable growth and success for retailers. They offer a comprehensive set of services to help brands embark on value-driven connected commerce strategies, put them into practice, and continually optimize them for long-term success.

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