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Kibo and Amplience Team Up to Deliver Innovative Headless Commerce in 2022

The partnership combines the companies’ leading offerings to create a comprehensive mix of headless commerce, content management and personalization capabilities for retailers

London, January 6, 2022 – Amplience, one of the leading headless commerce experience platforms for brands and retailers, is pleased to announce a partnership with Kibo, the leader in unified commerce, that will simplify the process of embracing API-first technology and make it easier for brands to leverage A/B testing and personalization. As the industry increasingly moves away from monolithic platforms and toward the integration of headless technology, brands are finding that headless architectures offer benefits in seamless channel connectivity, greater development agility, and flexible integration management.

“Headless commerce, which includes personalization and other key retail strategies, is the way of the future,” said John Williams, Chief Technology Officer, Amplience. “Particularly as consumers embrace the omnichannel experience, a compelling and dynamic retail experience is critical, and we’re proud to collaborate with Kibo to offer our customers a comprehensive headless commerce platform.”

To meet the needs of retailers today, Kibo Headless eCommerce provides the advanced tools and functionality that both developers and marketing teams need to succeed. This includes delivering out-of-the-box advanced capabilities – AI-powered personalization, product and catalog management, and search and navigation – in addition to cart, checkout, and fulfillment functionalities. These advanced offerings, now paired with Amplience’s API-first technology, enables Kibo customers to take advantage of Amplience’s content management platform for their headless commerce and personalization strategies.

“Competing in the retail industry today is complicated enough,” said Ram Venkataraman, Chief Technology Officer, Kibo. “It’s for this reason that we’re proud to partner with Amplience to make sure retailers are equipped with the most modern technology to simplify their approach to headless commerce, experience management and more. We believe strongly in giving retailers the freedom and the flexibility to succeed, and this partnership is another meaningful way we’re delivering on that belief.”

About Kibo

Kibo is the only extensible, unified commerce platform that delivers personalized, omnichannel experiences. The platform combines AI-driven personalization from industry leaders Monetate and Certona, omnichannel commerce for B2C and B2B models, enterprise-grade order management, and customer data-enhanced point of sale. Global clients like Office Depot, Taco Bell, and Patagonia rely on Kibo’s API-first, microservices architecture to support a wide range of commerce strategies, including headless commerce, that meet high growth goals and customer expectations.

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About Amplience

Amplience powers digital-first brands and retailers with the freedom to do more. Our low-code CMS, DAM and Digital Experience Management platform allows more than 350 of the world’s leading brand teams to manage content, not code. The result is a rapid ROI for our clients who are delivering data and insight-driven customer experiences that drive deeper, more valuable customer relationships. Amplience supports the industry’s transition to Microservice, API-first, Cloud and Headless (MACH) technologies, is MACH certified and an executive member of the MACH Alliance.

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