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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Composable Commerce

Integration Type: Starter KitsDeveloped: Amplience

The Amplience Salesforce Composable Storefront starter kit is a pre-packaged sample of integrations between Amplience APIs, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and OCAPI APIs, and React. ​​

This output of this starter kit gives business users a streamlined, visual content and experience management solution that integrates with Salesforce Composable Storefront. This makes it easy to control of every part of the customer journey with the ease and speed required to increase sales.  ​

This starter kit also includes all components of the eComm Toolkit extension.

This starter kit provides front-end developers with a more flexible and agile approach to building and maintaining modern eCommerce experiences with the use of Amplience. ​


  • Drive all site content, PLP in-grid content, site navigation, product page content and footer links​

  • Shoppable content components for rich media like images and video​

  • Schedule and preview all content at any given time​

  • Real-time visualization of all content​

  • Real-time visualization of content sizing and placement within product listing grids​

  • Content personalization based on a user’s groups​

  • Enhanced search suggestions and search results page with content, products and category parents​

  • Automation scripts to load required content schemas and types to your Content Hub


  • Available to all Amplience Dynamic Content customers​

  • Requires Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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