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Salesforce eComm Toolkit

Integration Type: ExtensionDeveloped: Amplience

Removing the “swivel chair“ approach between Salesforce and Amplience Dynamic Content (CMS), the Amplience eComm Toolkit gives businesses a single place to craft relevant, personalized commerce experiences —fast.

 This easy-to-implement extension maps three core commerce functions from Salesforce into Amplience automatically, creating a much better experience for business users. This removes manual, tedious back and forth between platforms, reduces content production times and removes any potential for human error.

The eComm Toolkit maps the following commerce functions:

  • Category Mapping: Mapps commerce categories from the Salesforce into Amplience automatically. This function pulls in things like category IDs and category display names, making it easy for business users to edit navigation structure or hierarchies without referencing Salesforce.
  • Product Mapping: Enables users to search and select single or multiple products from Salesforce to populate a content item in Amplience. This function makes it easy to build things like product carousels or populate a curated product listing page without flipping back to reference Salesforc. Search is populated based on product IDs, keyword, or categorization.

  • Content Personalization Mapping: Maps user groups/segments from the Salesforce into Amplience. This function makes it easy for business users to create personalized content experiences by pulling targeted user segments into Amplience without having to manually flip back and reference Salesforce.


  • Out-of-the-box extension that works with your eCommerce credentials

  • Flexibility to customize user experience and deploy as open source

  • Built on Amplience eComm middleware framework that can be extended/modified to support any user experience

  • Middleware framework includes manual and automated testing

  • Fast implementation

  • Eliminate “swivel chair” by removing reliance on manual processes and human intervention in data handling

  • Increase efficiency and deliver better user experiences for building content and experiences

  • Speeds up content production time


  • Available to all Amplience customers

  • Requires Salesforce

  • Requires some development from internal development teams or third-party SIs

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