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Integrates with:
  • commercetools
  • Kibo Commerce
  • Salesforce
  • SAP

Product Selector

Integration Type: Content FieldDeveloped: Amplience

The Product Selector extension gives editors the power to search and select single or multiple products from their commerce platform when working with content items in Amplience. ​

​This extension speeds up content production times by removing manual processes while also populating product SKUs and category IDs to content items, removing the potential for human error. ​

Supported out of the box eCommerce platforms include Salesforce Commerce Cloud, commercetools, SAP Commerce Cloud and Kibo.


  • Increase productivity and deliver better user experiences for building content/experiences
  • Supported out-of the-box commerce platforms include commercetools, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud and Kibo


  • Available to all Amplience Dynamic Content customers​

  • Requires commercetools, Salesforce, SAP Commerce Cloud or Kibo commerce platforms

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