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Dynamic Yield by Mastercard

Integration Type: Standard IntegrationDeveloped: Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield by Mastercard helps businesses across industries deliver digital customer experiences that are personalized, optimized, and synchronized. With Dynamic Yield’s Experience OS, marketers, product managers, developers, and digital teams can algorithmically match content, products, and offers to each individual customer to accelerate revenue and customer loyalty.The Dynamic Yield integration solves the problem of disjointed content management and personalization by offering a solution that streamlines workflows, expedites experimentation, provides unified data insights, and fosters enhanced collaboration. This results in an easier and more effective approach to building dynamic and highly tailored experiences for customers across digital touchpoints.

This easy-to-use integration can be activated from Dynamic Yield’s Experience OS with a single click, enabling content recall directly from Amplience via API. When enabled, a new variable - Amplience Entry-  will become available. Use it to easily select content to reference in your campaigns, and to add the entry ID and content type to the variation API response.


  • Streamlines content management, ensures consistent messaging across all touchpoints and helps you deliver personalized digital experiences faster
  • Reduces manual work by running no-code experiments on structured content, including copy, components, layouts, and pages

  • Enables agile experimentation, unified data insights and better collaboration

  • Easily actived from Dynamic Yield’s Experience OS with a single click which enables content recall directly from Amplience via API


  • Requires Dynamic Yield and Amplience Dynamic Content

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