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Integrates with:
  • Bynder
  • Supported Extension


Integration Type: Content FieldDeveloped: Amplience

Digital assets are a critical component for every digital touchpoint. With the Amplience integration, you can use your Bynder-stored digital media (images, videos, audio and documents) directly in Amplience, which saves time searching and viewing assets.

When you use Bynder assets in Amplience, your web pages, mobile pages, and digital experiences always display the most up-to-date assets, directly sourced from Bynder. This ensures all digital content is consistent with your brand identity—helping teams deliver intuitive digital experiences.


  • Avoid content silos by keeping Bynder as the single source of truth for all digital assets

  • Streamline the process by using approved assets from Bynder directly in Amplience

  • Always use the right asset version, approved and up-to-date

  • Find the assets you need instantaneously by searching through the brand portal in Amplience Dynamic Content

  • Centralize all your assets by only having to upload them to one integrated system

  • Select assets through an intuitive interface for a seamless experience

  • Automation - allows users (with applicable permission) to automate the Bynder extension/integration with Amplience Dynamic Content, with content schemas, content types, dependent extensions, cards, icons and JSON visualization


  • Seamlessly add assets from Bynder from within Amplience Dynamic Content

  • Search and browse assets using Bynder Universal Compact View

  • Filter assets based on metadata

  • Swap assets (SingleSelect, SingleSelectFile and MultiSelect)

  • Ability to select a specific Bynder Derivitive

  • Drag-and-Drop in MultiSelect to reorder the Bynder assets

  • Tooltips for long file names to enable users to see the whole name

  • Ability to customize Bynder configuration

  • Ability to customize data stored with content mapping

  • Ability to customize cards information

  • Ability to use Bynder CDN distributed URLs

  • Support for OAUTH tokens for seamless login

  • Automation into an account

  • Utilizes familiar Bynder interface for searching and filtering


In order to use this integration you must have the following:

  • An Amplience account with access to the Dynamic Content Platform.

    • This requires Developer permissions role (or higher) to install and use the extension in schemas/content types
  • A Bynder (WebDAM) account setup with any Bynder pre-requisites to use Universal Compact View

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