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Brand Colors

Integration Type: Content FieldDeveloped: Amplience

The Amplience Brand Colors extension helps teams deliver more consistent, on-brand content and experiences across channels. ​

​The extension gives users a predefined set of colors to use when building content items. This makes it easier for users to select colors relevant to the brand’s identity versus freely entering any color and removes the requirement to copy/paste color values.​

​The colors can be content managed in the Amplience CMS, Dynamic Content, where you can also attach permissions. For example, a creative team may be able to add and edit colors, but the marketing/merchandising team can only select from predefined colors.​

​The extension offers multiple views (normal and compact) as well as the ability to configure which data you want to store (name or color).


  • Apply custom colors for use in the CMS using a color wheel or HEX values​

  • Leverage colors from a predefined theme​

  • Deliver a consistent, on-brand experience across channels ​

  • Management and set permission settings


  • Available to all Amplience Dynamic Content customers​

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