Amplience Customer Day 2021

Watch on demand.

Key Highlights

  • How Amplience gives you the freedom to do more
  • Understand the Experience Era and how you stack up
  • Hear from guest speakers on how they’ve transformed their digital experiences
  • Amplience’s product showcase and roadmap for the future

A day just for you. Amplience Customer Day.

Watch on demand as we chat about modern-day digital experiences, how you stack up, and of course Amplience. We ran through what we’ve been working on lately and all the new features we have in-store - all the stuff you’ve asked for, and more.

To create the best digital experiences, outdated technology simply won't do. Long content production workflows, they have to go too.  Because to truly stand out, to actually put the customer first across every channel, you need freedom. Amplience is that freedom, the freedom to do more, to create, to innovate and to define how you want to work.
Watch as Alison Williams, Business Development Director at Amplience, and Adam Sturrock, VP Product Marketing at Amplience, give the low-down on what digital transformation really means and the best approach to get there.
Hear from Ulta Beauty, an Amplience customer on how they utilised the Amplience platform to build industry leading eCommerce and omnichannel experiences to delight and engage their consumers.
Join Forrester analyst Ryan Skinner as he looks at three approaches that reflect the value and get the organization onboard - localization strategies, performance or cross-channel presentation, personalization - and how to apply them.
Watch as we take a peek into the future, looking at what we've got up our sleeves and also demonstrate how Hierarchies and the Filter API combine to give you the tools you need when wanting to manage your experiences.
A partner of Amplience, Algolia offers flexible AI-powered search and discovery functionality. Together we seamlessly integrate to allow customers to create curated digital experiences, incorporating product search results and engaging content. All up it means you get to deliver super relevant content at every interaction, and all from the same place.