Show Us Your AI Fails

And be in with a chance to win!

Submit your #AmpAIFail

Have you ever tried your hand at tinkering with AI tools, only to end up with unexpected and hilarious results? Well, now is your chance to share your AI fails and potentially win BIG!

We’re excited to announce our #AmpAIFails competition where we’re inviting you to submit your most memorable AI mishaps using generic AI tools. Whether it’s a misinterpreted AI prompt, a bizarre image generation, or completely off-the-wall ChatGPT content, we want to see it all!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow us on socials (all of them! LinkedIn, Facebook, X & YouTube)

  2. Share a post showing us your AI fail AND submit your entry using the landing page. Include screenshots, videos, or any other relevant media to illustrate your experience

  3. Use the hashtag #AmpAIFails in your post

  4. Tag a friend or colleague who loves experimenting with AI!

Deadline for submissions: 14th May

Here’s what you can WIN:

1st Prize - £100/$100 Amazon Voucher

2nd Prize - £75/$75 Amazon Voucher

3rd Prize - £50/$50 Amazon Voucher

We can’t wait to see your entries!

Good luck! 🤞